Tank Farm Area
  • 44,000 m²
Fuel Receipt
  • By pipeline
  • By trucks
  • 4 storage tanks of 6,000 m³ each
  • Tankage: 24,000 m³ of Jet A-1
Hydrant Refueling System
  • Maximum flow rate of 2,000 m³/h by 5 hydrant pumps
  • Twin transfer lines to the apron, feeding 6 loops for aircraft refueling
  • Fuel transfer and facilities for the into-plane companies
  • Fuel quality protection and control
  • Fully automated operations: 2 hot redudant PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA
         (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • On-line fuel stock management
  • Emergency fuel shut off
  • Automated fire fighting
  • Environmental management system in force for the design, construction and operation of all facilities


Fuel Receipt by Pipeline
  • Fuel transfer from the refineries, directly to OFC, without any intermediate storage depot
  • 10' underground pipeline of a total length of 53 km, dedicated to Jet A-1
  • Maximum flow rate: 300 m³/h
  • Fully automated operations, interconnecting also the OFC's and the refineries' automation systems
Fuel Receipt by Trucks
  • 5 off-loading bays and 1 loading bay 18 parking lots for trucks
  • Maximum off-loading flow rate: 600 m³/h
  • Fully automated system, incorporating requirements on fuel quality and safety
  • Closed sampling system
  • Impermeable concrete and floor construction, covering all off-loading islands and sewer system connected to the
         oil-water separator
Refueller Truck Bottom Loading
  • 1 loading bay
  • Maximum loading flow rate: 120 m³/h
  • Fully automated system, incorporating requirements on fuel quality and safety
  • Closed sampling system
  • Impermeable concrete and floor construction, covering all loading islands and sewer system connected to the
         oil-water separator


Storage Tanks
  • Four vertical tanks, fully epoxy-coated (internally and externally)
  • Cone down bottom with central sump for fuel quality controls
  • Double bottom with continuous monitoring by vacuum system for leakage detection
  • Floating suction
  • Auto-gauging system
  • Two independent systems for tank overfill protection
  • Several high and low level alarms
Hydrant Pump Station for Aircraft Refuelingfacil6
  • 5 hydrant pumps, powered by frequency converters
  • Maximum flow rate: 2,000 m³/h
  • Fully automated system, controlling the pumps according to air aircraft refueling demands and
         providing the maximum desired pressure and flow for timely and safely refueling services

Hydrant Refueling System

  • 10 km of 20' underground twin transfer lines
  • 8 valve vaults for fuel distribution to aircraft stands
  • 8 km underground distribution pipes in 6 loops and 124 fuel pits
  • Independent fuel transfer to into-plane Jet A-1 facilities for test rig, fuelers loading, etc.
  • Automation system, which controls fuel flow to each loop, adjusting flow rates at the expected pressure for timely
         aircraft refueling 

Automated Operation in all OFC Facilitiesfacil5

  • Fully automated operations PLCs and SCADA system
  • Real time process monitoring and visualisation of all operations (fuel, fire fighting, environmental
          protection, safety, emergency systems)
  • Statistics and graphs of the operations of all major pieces of equipment in control
  • Alarm systems for immediate shut down of fuel transfer in case of emergency
  • Tightness control system of testing the integrity of the underground piping network through special
          software and electromechanical equipment

Fire Fighting System


  • All storage tanks are equipped with fixed fighting system (foam, cooling water)
  • Various sizes and types of fire extinguishers
  • Interconnection with airport’s fire brigade
  • The equipment is UL / FM approved

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Who We Are:

OFC Aviation Fuel Services SA, has been awarded by the Athens International Airport (AIA) Company, in 1998, for the design, financing, construction and operation of the receiving, storage and distribution via Hydrant Refueling System of aviation fuel facilities for a concession period of 23 years.

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