OFC operates its facilities at the Athens International Airport for the Supply, Receiving, Storage, Fuel Quality Controls and Distribution of Aviation Fuels via a Hydrant System and Truck Loading for Aircraft Refuelling.

OFC also provides consultancy services in aviation fuelling concerning design, construction, operations and maintenance, fuel quality, financing, contracting and training.

OFC Top Management, aiming at the provision of high level Quality Services to its Customers and the satisfactory management of all issues related with the Occupational Health and Safety at work and also the Environmental Protection, taking into consideration the character and the reputation of the Company, defines the present Policy, based on which commits itself to:

1. Implement, maintain and continually improve an Integrated Management System – IMS which includes:

  1. A Quality Management System in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015 standard,
  2. An Environmental Management System in accordance with EN ISO 14001:2015 standard to enhance the organization’s Environmental performance,
  3. An Occupational Health & Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 standard to enhance the organization’s Occupational Health and Safety performance,

2. Fully satisfy its customers’ requirements,

3. Comply with all relevant legal and other requirements, as well as the requirements of the Athens International Airport and the Civil Aviation Authority,

4. Provide the best quality services at competitive cost, utilizing in the best possible way the human resources, the materials, the pieces of equipment and the energy,

5. Eliminate hazards and reduce Occupational Health & Safety risks,

6. Provide safe and healthy working conditions and prevent the injury, occupational ill health and harm to people, environment and facilities, by keeping under control all identified Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental risks and by implementing procedures for timely identification of any new ones. The Occupational Health & Safety control is implemented using the following hierarchy:

  • Eliminate the hazard
  • Substitute with less hazardous materials, processes, operation or equipment
  • Use engineering controls and/or reorganization of work
  • Use administrative controls
  • Provide and ensure use of adequate personal protective equipment

7. Ensure the consultation and participation of workers in Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental issues,

8. Minimize the unsafe acts and conditions and be prepared to effectively respond to emergency situations and major accidents / incidents, (Industrials Accidents of Large Scale),

9. Prevent pollution and minimize emissions and wastes of any kind,

10. Secure and guard the personnel and the facilities against any potential risk

11. Follow the JIG Management System Best Practices and Common Processes.

The company prohibits the use, possession, distribution, purchase or sale of alcohol and/or drugs on company premises, while conducting business for the company or while operating company equipment.

OFC Top Management expresses its commitment for the implementation of the aforementioned objectives and goals by:

  • Assuring that any identified Occupational Health & Safety risks within the working environment, that can cause harm, injury or death to the personnel or third parties, is effectively controlled through established procedures, which are readily available to the personnel and the other parties involved in the company’s operations and are properly followed by them, including the use of the required safety and personal protective equipment, as well.
  • Considering Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety as company’s priorities during the budget preparation and the design of workplace conditions.
  • Providing training and instructions to all personnel for the safe use and handling of fuel, equipment and facilities, including all persons working under the control of OFC, with the intent that they are made aware of their individual obligations regarding Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, Environment and Security.
  • Implementing procedures that include proactive actions, which assure satisfied customers, continuous control and review of work requirements and level of provided services, continuous control and monitoring of risks, selection of appropriate personnel and definition of roles and responsibilities.

Any third party (organization or individual) that is indirectly or directly referred in the present Policy, shall contribute in the best possible way to the achievement of the present Policy’s objectives.

The Top Management believes that each employee of the Company will be effectively committed to undertake the required responsibilities and obligations, assisting the Management to achieve the objectives of the Policy.

The commitment of the Top Management and personnel, assures that the provided services and activities comply with the defined requirements, as these are described in the Manuals, the Procedures and the Working Instructions of the Company and guarantees results in accordance with customer’s expectations.

The OFC Top Management appoints the Quality Assurance Manager, the Security, Health and Safety Manager and the Environmental Manager and assigns them with the required authorities and responsibilities, in order to cope with quality, security, occupational health and safety and environmentally related issues, to recommend corrective actions, to verify completion of corrective actions and to evaluate their results.

The Top Management is committed to continual improvement of the Integrated Management System. 

The OFC IMS Policy is approved by the Chief Executive Officer and also signed by the Operations Manager and Financial & Business Manager. The OFC IMS Policy is communicated within the organization and is available to interested parties, as appropriate.


                                                    Chief Executive Officer    Operations Manager    Financial and Business Manager

                                                             N. Kontaxis                     K. Gennadis                          Petros Katros


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Who We Are:

OFC Aviation Fuel Services SA, has been awarded by the Athens International Airport (AIA) Company, in 1998, for the design, financing, construction and operation of the receiving, storage and distribution via Hydrant Refueling System of aviation fuel facilities for a concession period of 23 years.

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